Thursday, December 16, 2010

cheers to my 33rd post...


What is Insanity? I took the effort of trying to find a dictionary inside my drawer. Unfortunately, there was none. I couldn’t define insanity for you then. Oh no, I can’t, but I can set an example. I know that there is no dictionary inside my drawer but still I expected to find one. That’s an example of insanity in its simplest form. Love and Insanity. Within the few months of my being hooked-up with a certain text frenzy, one of the many things that I have learned is the parallelism of Love and Insanity. I came to realize that these two words are somewhat synonymous. This is manifested by the countless stories of experiences documented by different individuals in real life or in the internet. Love life with a plot a la telenovela, with a complete casting from supporting actors to the usual protagonists and antagonists - peers, parents or classmates to name a few. 

What do I see? I see insanity in a broad daylight. Love life recycled from one generation to the next. Insanity inherited by yet another group of people in the same environment at a different time. I find it insane considering that our way of life has indeed made a giant leap into what we call the future and yet the same old pains, troubles or problems haunt people’s love life.Define Love. Love is this. Love is that. Love is here. Love is there. There isn’t a single definition for love. Worst is, one definition conflicts with the other. No, conflict is an understatement, contradict would have been better. In binary, a “1” is never a “0” and vice versa. Treating one as the other is insanity. Love bringing either happiness or sorrow, or sometimes both, is insanity. 

Does insanity define love? Or, is insanity love, in a negative form?Let us get back to my previous example. That is an analogy illustrating insanity. Now, let’s take love. We know that our love will get to nowhere but we take the risk of gambling with love. The result is we get hurt. And that is insanity. Foreseeing darkness ahead but still taking the courage to step into the dark. The result is disaster. In real life, it’s like you know that he’s married but what the hell! And that is love. Or, you can feel he cares for somebody but still you convince yourself that he loves you, because you love him. And again, that is love. And what about this latest crap? When you love someone you gave that someone the opportunity to hurt you. Isn’t that insanity to the max or just plain masochism?

Do I speak justly then when I say that those who love are insane? Would you still love?I assume that our answer to both questions is a unanimous “Yes!” with a capital Y and an exclamation point choreographed with a clenched fist and an authoritative facial expression to stress our certainty, unaware that we are already despising the word “logic”. And again, that clearly manifests insanity.We are used to saying the phrase “falling in love” to mean “being in love”. Isn’t it “to fall” connotes a negative meaning? Isn’t it insanity then that we allow ourselves to “fall” in love? But wait, others say, “high with love”, to mean addicted with love. Just the same, and addiction is even worse. To let our selves get “high” with love is again an act of insanity. 

To fall is to go down contradicting the word high. With these two contradicting results associated with love, setting love in front of a well-polished mirror, love vividly reflects insanity.But despite this shocking analogy, I would still say, “If to love is to be insane, please, take all my sanity away.” It is with pride that I’ll shout to the world, “Call me insane because I am in love!”

I'm just awakened by the thought that I need to write something that interests me and interests other people because somebody just randomly left me a message at the side bar saying she's a dedicated reader of my blog. I was up from a very long sleep. Hope you find it interesting pipz..
read and read,

russ d'great

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Happiness is two kinds of ice cream
Finding your skate key, telling the time
Happiness is learning to whistle
Tying your shoe for the very first time
Happiness is playing the drum in your own school band
And happiness is walking hand in hand

Happiness is five different crayons
Knowing a secret, climbing a tree
Happiness is finding a nickel
Catching a firefly, setting him free
Happiness is being alone every now and then
And happiness is coming home again
Happiness is morning and evening
Daytime and nighttime, too
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That’s loved by you

Happiness is having a sister
Sharing a sandwich
Getting along
Happiness is singing together when day is through
And happiness is those who sing with you

Happiness is morning and evening
Daytime and nighttime, too
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That’s loved by you

Saturday, November 27, 2010

life's lessons on relationships

I guess we all have our different opinions on how things should be. Whether it is to have someone be honest in a relationship or to work hard in a relationship. No matter what you do people have that view of how relationship will work, however, some can change their opinions. How is that? When two people truly want a relationship to work don't they first have to work at it? We have all been told that communication is the key to a relationship but why do people always find it hard to communicate? We think that we know a person but then they flip a 180 and completely shut you down. 

1) Never ever think a long distance relationship will work. The problem is that when you are so far apart from one another it may build distrust or eventually have one or the other people cheat on you. If you already know the person then it should be fine (usually) for a short period of time.  

2) Communication is really the important factor for a relationship. If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't communicate with you then you need to find someone that can. We can't read minds so it has to be out on the table otherwise the other person won't know what's wrong. Be especially aware if someone won't communicate with you what they have in the past. This is perhaps the largest red flag to an eventually break-up. Be mindful that if the other party waits too long or flat out doesn't want to talk about it then they don't really want to be with you anymore. Again COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY.

3) Compromise is the 2nd most important thing. We all think that we have the best way of doing things but that is our own perception, our own reality if you will. This will always conflict with someone else's take on reality. You have to try and compromise to make things work otherwise their is no future but arguing and bickering. 

4)Working through problems. In a relationship you need to work on the problems. If either party doesn't want to work on the problem at hand then the relationship is over. Don't over think he problems though and discuss them with your partner. A relationship takes two people!! Trying to figure out problems involves both parties. (generally those that try to solve the problems on their own tend break off the relationship because they try things their own way)

5) Look to the future but don't expect it. In other words if the person is truly making strides to fix their life or change themselves a little don't take their progress so far and think of them like that 20 years down the road. People always change but you don't know how. You can't automatically assume someone is going to be immature all of their life (although I've seen it happen)

On a personal note, guys/gals, if you see someone making an effort let them know you appreciate it! If it's something where you aren't going to get serious (marriage) in a couple of years then wait and see. If you truly value the person and love them give them a chance. Remember that a person can't change who they are over night. Also remember that although there are things that you would like the other person to change they will probably want you to change some things too. I know that I have put as much as I can into my relationships but it never seems like it is appreciated. I guess if those people who I have gone out with truly valued our relationship then they could wait for a few changes. 

Second chances are what we only have in life, although sometimes it's easy to say that it would never happen and it will just be a waste but if it does, if gives other people the feeling that they still deserve something good and it gives you the feeling that you did something better to the other person involved.

read and read,

russ d'great


Friday, November 26, 2010

ang walang kupas na picha pie...

madugo, nakakapagod, boring at kung anu ano pa ang naging buhay ko kahapon pero sumaya naman ako kasi may ngpadala ng bulaklak at nilibre pako sa paborito kong picha parlor..hehehe...

kahit medyo matrapik pauwi ay ng.enjoy naman ako, kahit di na ako halos 
makahinga dahil sa barado kong ilong eh ng enjoy pa din ako, kahit nahihilo nako dahil sa sakit ng ulo ko eh enjoy pa din, at kahit di ko masyado malasahan ang pagkain dahil sobrang pait ng dila ko eh enjoy na enjoy pa din basta picha pie di ko kayang palampasin...hehehehe

salamat sa pagbabasa,

russ d'great

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

advantages and disadvantages of flirting online..

Flirting is a big NO NO! for me.. it's like you're cheating when you're committed or you're committing adultery when you're married maybe my standard is just so high or maybe the other party can't keep up with me. But of course anybody can flirt with anybody too specially when they're just looking for someone to date. No questions raised and no argument to be laid on the table, but it's different when you're talking  about online dating/flirting, based on experience, it's not a very cinematic experience and it's not good at all. So, I'm writing down the advantages and disadvantages on what I observe and what I also do in terms of using the Internet just to communicate with someone you can't touch or kiss or make love with. 

There's no question that everyone on the site is looking to meet someone. So, there's none of the awkwardness and uncertainty you have in some social situations, where a person's relationship status or even sexual orientation may not be obvious.

* By reading people's profiles closely, you can quickly weed out people whose interests, age, values, religion or whatever else doesn’t appeal to you. Ditto when posting your own profile: Describing yourself honestly and being clear about your values and interests makes it more likely that someone compatible will write to you.

* Typically, a photo or even multiple photos will accompany a person's profile. The eyes truly are the windows of the soul, and being able to pair a face with the words in the profile definitely helps give you a clearer idea of the person you're writing to.

* The initial anonymity of the net empowers shy people to approach people and make moves that they never would in person.

* You can meet people you wouldn't otherwise meet because your social and/or business circles don't intersect, or because you don't frequent the same places.


* You can get hung up on Internet flirting: It's addictive and it's easy, and it's a short-term remedy for loneliness or boredom. But it's essentially blind: Our instincts about a person are based not just on what ideas they want to communicate, but on appearance, body language, facial expressions and tone of voice -- all subtleties that are lost when communicating via computer, no matter how many emoticons you use. Unless you get beyond the e-mail stage, the Internet will do you no good at all.

* Internet dating/flirting is limiting in the sense that you'll only be meeting folks who spend time on the Internet, which excludes a whole raft of people.

thanks for the read pipz,

russ d'great

Sunday, November 21, 2010

on forgiveness and dogs...

Had a fight with a family member.
Friend insulted you.
Lover dumped you.
Someone abused you.
Or mugged you.

And so you feel like throwing a vase at the wall. Or beating up the wall. Or writing an angry song afterwhich you will slam your guitar on the wall. Then you could make a music video out of your life, to the tune of the latest emo hit sensation and be cool. Because pop culture has made angst and unforgiveness "cool" in a sense, hasn't it?

But then here comes the Gospel to ruin it. Jesus calls us to forgive.

Sissy Christian Forgiveness?
We tend to interpret the stuff Jesus talked about as cute little Christian teachings that are designed to make the world a better place. Cute little greeting card suggestions. Sigh. But if you look at the society of Jesus' day, the prevailing culture was this: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

So you can imagine the controversy of Jesus' statement. It wasn't some sissy little greeting card idea. It wasn't a wimpy reaction to conflict, by which one could divest of responsibility. It was a revolutionary ideal. It was a complete paradigm shift from the pervading culture.

Dogs on the Loose!
The Greek word for "forgive" means to "release" or "set free." I thought it was quite a beautiful idea. When I forgive someone, I let them loose. The image I had was of a professional dog-walker being pulled in every direction by seven foaming bulldogs. Forgiveness is letting each of those bulldogs free. Not that I think of people as dogs, but you get the point.

This means freedom for both me and them. Them because they are no longer my captive. In the case of people who have wronged me, they no longer "owe me." I set them free and no longer demand recompense or vindication. And then on the flipside, I release myself. I'm no longer dragged in every direction by those I wish to hold captive. Everybody gets free when forgiveness takes place. That explains the post-confessional lightness: it's freedom! Think about it.

You've probably been wronged. You're not unique. We all have, though to different degrees. And forgiveness is what it takes to be free. I'll admit that it's a challenge. One time, I realized I hadn't forgiven someone who had wronged me. When I saw my friends being nice to them, I would feel bad and wish I could tell them what a jerk the person was! It was tough to truly forgive. But forgiveness sets our transgressors free. And it sets us free.

Set them free. And set yourself free. Forgive.

At that point Peter got up the nerve to ask, "Master, how many times do I forgive a brother or sister who hurts me? Seven?" Jesus replied, "Seven! Hardly. Try seventy times seven." Matthew 18:21-22

Saturday, November 20, 2010

platonic relationships: can men and women just be friends and nothing else?

Experts Say Attitude Is Key To Successful Platonic Relationships
SHE thinks he is funny and smart. He thinks she has a great personality, and understands him. He's the one she calls at 1:00 a.m., distraught because she just broke up with the guy she was seeing and angry because he wasn't there when she needed him. She's the one on-call to respond to his inevitable personal crises, when he's problematic, sad and lonely.
They're platonic friends--at least for the moment. While the new century has brought with it a host of new rules in the interaction between men and women, the question still remains: Is a purely non-sexual relationship between members of the opposite sex possible? Or, in a society built around men and women pursuing fast friendships with the goal of physical and mental intimacy--and ultimately marriage--is it unrealistic to think that a friendship with a member the opposite sex can burn brightly without a romantic flame (or at least the thought of one) erupting in short order?
Even with the best intentions, being friends with someone of the opposite sex can be filled with challenges and fuzzy areas that--if not handled correctly--can doom a relationship before it even really begins. And add to that the platonic relationships in which one person begins to have thoughts and feelings that aren't so platonic, and the result can be what has been called "an incredibly tricky, potentially explosive experience," which many times ends in hurt feelings, confusion, anger and bitterness.
It's the dilemma i'm facing. You can be distant friends, if you only see each other every sooo often. But I don't think you can see each other every day without an attraction developing.
Relationship experts say that while there are plenty of horror stories out there, when honesty and mutual respect are present, sticky situations among friends can be worked out and can be very rewarding. Some women find that the most loyal, fun and easy-going friends are guys. Some men find that female friends give them perspective, add a certain calmness in their lives, and are good information resources when it comes to understanding females in general.  
salamat sa pagbabasa,

russ d'great ^_^ 

Friday, November 19, 2010

my kind of guy...

napagkatuwaan lang sa facebook, it's really just for fun, i just want to share this here... something happened and i'm still in the process of absorbing it so i'm just sharing this for the moment..
1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
no, but ragged looking guyz always looks good for me :P

2. Smart?
must be smart with a sense of humor

3. Preferred age?
older than me by 2 to 10 years is just fair

4. Preferred height?
as long as not shorter than i am

5. How about sense of humor?
 a bonus
6. How about piercings?
not on the nose

7. Accepts you for who you are?
is a requirement

8. Pink hair? 

9. Mushy or no?
mushy but not too much

10. Thin or fat?
middle of thin and fat

 11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)? 
fair color

12. Long hair or short hair? 
any hairstyle that suits him

13. Plastic or metal??

14. Smells good?

15. Smoker?
fine with me..

16. Drinker?
go, we'll drink together

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type? 
i love bad boys..

18. Muscular? 
not so, fair's enough

19. Plays piano?  

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar? 
super cooL

21. Plays violin? 
super talented

22. Sings very good? 
we'll make a good

23. Vain?

24. With glasses?
with glasses or not it's cool with me

25. With braces?
just fine

26. Shy type? 
not so shy dapat, kelangan pa din may self confidence
27. Rebel or good boy/girl? 

28. Active or passive?
passive? hahaa.. i love talking..dapat good listener

29. Tight or bomb??
di ko alam to.. lolololol

30. Singer or dancer? 
singer lang talaga..

31. Stunner? 
ragged looking..ung pang kontrabida..hahaha

32. Hiphop?  
No way!

33. Earrings?  
ok lang..

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girl/boyfriends-until-you-drop?
Arrrgggg! no..

35. Dimples?
with or without its fine

36. Bookworm?
wag lang sobra

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?

38. Playful? 
hahaha...alam na..

39. Flirt? 

40. Poem writer? 
a plus, bonus, go na.. i love poetry

ano to? san ang tanong?
  (how will i answer this??)

42. Campus crush?

43. Painter? 
di na kelangan..

44. Religious?
moderately religious

45. Someone who likes to tease people?

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
wag sobra

47. Speaks 20 languages?

48. Loyal or faithful?
faithful, cheaters go to hell.

49. Good kisser?
yes please,haha

50. Loves children?

hope you read it all,

russ d'great

Thursday, November 18, 2010

when laziness strikes..

just arrived from a pizza treat, i'm so full but yet i'm soo tired because of the damn traffic, from makati i rode a jeep going to robinsons' ermita.. hay.. tiring trip, i feel dizzy inside the jeep, it stops, it goes, soo irritating but i can do nothing about it, that's why until now i'm still dizzy, i just really drop here to share something... right now, i'm watching criminal minds, it's thursday..yahooo! and i'm having fun reading Q&A's at formspring.. here are my ka formspringers.. just click to follow.. haha.. i'm really tired, i'm thinking of sleeping early... hahahhaha..

russ - - syempre wag nyo kong kalimutan..hehehe..

they're the three (3) most active sumagot at magtanong... hahaha.. nakakaaliw lang.. hay.. sa buhay na ganito kelangan ko talaga mag loosen up minsan para di ako mapagod ng ganito.. di ko alam i'm soo fuckin' tired talaga ngayon.. i need a spa treatment...waaaaaahhhh.... hanggang dito nalang muna siguro... hehe.. 

magbasa ng magbasa,

russ d'great

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

christmas wishlist....

christmas is coming and we can't deny it, it seems so fast right? back when i was still a child, i'm very enthusiastic writing down my christmas wishes, and believed it would come true and that santa would make it come true, what a childlike thinking and it's just pure, simple and true.. so as i grew up, my wishlist also changes, i don't anymore ask santa to put candies in the socks i put in the windows during christmas eve, or for big lollilops with minty taste, or for barbie dolls.. maybe you'll think i'm stupid if i will probably say that i'm asking now for world peace or for society equalization coz for me it's 99:1, 99% it won't happen and 1%  is just a waste... so i made a list for christmas, i'm not expecting santa to hear me, or to read this but at least i shared this with you..

1.) a one (1) year supply of stocking coz until now it's still  under the proposal of our CBA and i will be rest assured if somebody will be willing to become my sponsor.. hahaha... 

2.) the simpsons t-shirt with my favorite simpsons quote on it.. Homer: "Here’s to alcohol, the cause of — and solution to — all life’s problems."

3.) original everglow album by MAE ( i haven't really bought it until now, i can download but i want the original album cd, hope somebody would give me this on christmas..hehehe.. wishful thinking.. )

4.) a christmas card with dedication, it's been three (3) years since i received a christmas card with a hand written message, it was way back when i was still in 4th year college... *sigh
5.) a GC for a spa treatment... hehehe... wishful thinking again...

6.) an external drive for my netbook.. huhuhu.. super wishful thinking..hahaha

7.) free tickets to any concert this december but spare december 26 onwards...

8.) a one (1) year supply from covergirl cosmetics... hahaha.. ( parang model lang ah.. ok lang naman mangarap, hayaan nyo na ako..)

i want to end at number eight (8) because they say that number is lucky, who knows maybe one of them would be given to me this christmas by  real life santa... hahahaha... this is just for fun so don't think my wishlist is exaggerated, it's free to make a wish, to dream, this is a free country so why not abuse it.. hahaha..

till here pipz..

russ d'great

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


i'm so lonely and confused, maybe this is the time to stop, maybe this is enough.. i grew up independently, i grew up learning things on my own, i've been very patient with life but this time, i can't help but cry, and it sucks coz it's like i'm just wasting my time for all those past days, past months, every hour and every minute i spent talking with  you.. it's never worth it and maybe this is the perfect time to be awake and move forward, there are a lot of better things out there and maybe i just need to rediscover them.. it seldom comes to me that i would regret the things i do, no regrets, just pains and happiness...

till next time, 

russ d'great

beep beep dyip...

today's declared holiday so as usual, i'm just in the house waiting for anybody to text me or call kung san pwede tumambay.. but while nobody's texting, naisip ko nalang magsulat dito.. a month ago, i stumble with this video, i actually linked this to my facebook account but i guess not everyboday has noticed it, so i'm linking this here in my page.. i found it hilarious and i'm a fan of moymoy palaboy, i actually subscribed to the feeds of their youtube channel.. it's just funny though and interesting how those people make money with their talent and silliness which i guess most of us filipinos are aware.. i just wanna start my day right, start my day happy even though the cloud's super dark here, it's like heavy rain is coming.. if you've experienced living in metro manila, you'll find this video super funny, interesting, and sobrang nakakaaliw.. coz believe me i've been here for almost 3 years and the traffic is super irritating and if you don't have your own car, public utility jeepneys are your best choice.. ;) so here's the tip on how to ride a jeepney in our country, philippines.. hehehe..

hope you enjoy the vid though just as i enjoy it.. hehehe.. :)

russ d'great

Monday, November 15, 2010

spare me nalang please...

wala namang masyadong nangyari sa buhay ko ngayong araw na 'to, actually i'm feeling so lonely pero, confused ako.. wala lang, gumising ako ng maaga as usual para magtrabaho, naligo, nagbihis, kumain, ngsipilyo, nag-ayos tapos yon ready for work na.. 

ganun din, sa office nandun si Rj, ang aking kakulitan sa loob ng opisinia, si thal, na aking kaibigan at si donna na sobrang kulet at galit din sa mundo tulad ko.. peace donskie! ganun lang talaga routine ng buhay ko, monotonous, nakakasawa, mas masarap pa ngang tumunganga.. hanggang sa may nabasa ako sa cp ko.. 

ganito un, ayoko nang ilagay pa ang nabasa ko dito verbatimly pero ang point ko nasira araw ko dahil dun, ang cellphone ay nakakainis, nakakairita, nakakakunsumi, masarap na nga hindi gumamit ng cellphone eh kung hindi lang kelangan sa trabaho.. cellphone lang yan, pero naasar na ako biruin ba naman eh pagbintangan akong nakipag-usap daw ako sa kaibigan nya or sa ex nya hindi ko alam, and gusto ko lang iklaro dito na hindi ako mahilig mangilam sa buhay ng ibang tao, kung may tiwala ka sakin magtiwala ka lang di ka magsisisi.. 

anong akala mo sa sarili mo? na i'm so into you  para gawin ko pa ang mga bagay na kung sa sarili mo tatanungin eh malamang sagutin mo ay hindi kung talagang kilala mo ako, tao din ako, marunong masaktan, magtampo, simple nga lang ako patawanin eh tapos ganun pa.. tanggap ko lahat ng sinabi mo, tanggap din kita bilang ikaw, kaya kong sagutin mga tanong mo pero pwede ba na ako naman ang intindihin mo? sawang sawa na ako sa ganito.. 
alam mong ayokong banggitin ang pangalan na un pero sarili mong tx di mo maintindihan, masarap ng hindi mag cellphone at magpalit ng number, lahat pa naman ng ginawa ko eh para lang mapalapit sayo, ngayon na nangyari na, kelangan ko ba magsisi? mag back out? hindi ko talaga alam, sawa na ako sa kakahabol at kakasabing pwde ka pang gumawa ng magagandang bagay sa buhay.. sana pag wala na ako at di mo na ako maramdaman eh maalala mo yong mga sinabi ko sayo.. 

masarap gawin ngayon: mgpalit ng number
masarap gawin sa cellphone: itapon sa basurahan
masarap gawin sayo: kalimutan kahit alam kong hindi mangyayari..
masarap sabihin sayo: tang-ina mo hindi ako usisera, sana sa 4 na buwan na tayo eh nag uusap eh may nalaman ka man lang tungkol sakin at sana eh may nakuha ka man lang mula sakin.. alam kong may memory gap ka pero ewan ko.. hindi ko na alam.. as in i really dunno.. :(

ayoko na magpatuloy,

russ d'great

Sunday, November 14, 2010

words better left unsaid...

Some things are better left unsaid- simply because they are things that will never be forgotten- even if they are forgiven.

Some words can cut like a knife through a person's heart, and wound them permanently. Words can leave small scars on a person's heart, or, large gaping wounds that continue to fester over time- the kind of wound that never heals. Sounds a bit dramatic, doesn't it?

The old saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." is a myth.  Words can- and do- hurt. Sometimes the hurt will last only a few moments; a few days, a few weeks. Then there are things that stick with a person for a lifetime and continue to hurt and feel like 'fresh' wounds all over again every time he or she thinks about it.

Think back to whenever you were a child, did you over-hear something or was something said to you that just hurt so badly it was as bad as a physical blow? I know I did. It has taken me many years to deal with the hurt and be able to forgive years of verbal abuse. Notice I said "deal" with the hurt- Some things said will never go away or be forgotten, and they still hurt- twenty years later.

The problem with saying just whatever comes to mind or something that just "slips out", is that words can negatively impact a person's emotional well-being, self-esteem and their self-worth. I don't believe it is ever a good idea to speak out of raw anger or frustration, because you can wound someone deeply- even if that wasn't your original intent.

We all get frustrated, aggravated, and we lash out in anger when we are hurt or disappointed. Being aware of your emotions and your responses to what you are feeling is an important step in avoiding saying things that should never have been said at all. If a situation gets too heated- it's best to step back, exit the room and then reapproach the topic once both parties are calm.

If there's something you feel needs to be said to someone, then try to say it in the least hurtful way possible. Possibly preface it with "I truly don't want to hurt you, and please let me know if I do..." Keep lines of communication open, and be gentle and tender in your words.
Once words have been spoken, you can't take them back. Are your words loving and kind, even under stress?

sana naintindihan nyo ang sinulat ko..hehe.. may mga bagay lang talaga na di na kelangan sabihin at baka makasakit pa sa ibang tao, though it hurts you first in the first place.. may mga bagay na mas naiintindihan mo kahit di na sinasabi sayo.. and i'm in the process of absorbing the words left unsaid... 

currently feeling: confused
current song in mind: apology by safetysuit

dito nalang muna,

russ d'great :(

Saturday, November 13, 2010

10 blank things...

somebody sent me a message asking me to write about 10 blank things, maybe he just want to know the silly things i do or did, or the silly things i have in mind or the silly things i've wanted to do and discover and i come up with this things which are very unconventional and this would take you with what i'm up to 5 years ago.. here we go..
10 blank things..wahahah..

1. Dahil sa pagkabaliw ko sa i-witness at reporter's notebook ay nakakatulugan ko ang paghihintay sa mga shows na ito, (sa sofa ng bahay ako nakakatulog talaga..ahehe) this was way back when i was still in college.. hahahaha

2. i don't usually remember my dreams even if mala fantasy ang mga ito..hehe

3. kaya kong magtx while blogging and absorbing some ideas..haha.. i love multi-tasking..

4. i love movies but i'm not watching horror films coz it sucked me.. wahaha......

5. i lock my room when i want to cry outloud to God on my own style whatever it is secret nalang yon..hahaha

6. i laugh over text messages on my own until someone would say "hey! are you crazy?" well, i'm not.. gosh!

7.Believe it or not, i've seen the movies "a walk to remember" for about 25 times.. embarrassing? yeah but that's true and i dunno why until now i'm still watching it.. ahahaha

8. I wanna eat ice cream under the rain with someone special...

9. tumatambay ako sa Audio Visual Room ng skul namin nung college  para manood sa isang restricted room ng GOKUSEN at kung anu - ano pang anime sa hapon..hehe.. that's me..

10. dahil sobrang kalasingan ko, nalaman tuloy ng mga kasama ko that i love superman pero di ko alam kasi ang totoo nyan si batman talaga fave ko ( that was the worst thing i've ever done in my entire life in front of what we call audience coz there were like 6 people? but t'was ok and i'm moving forward..hehehe)

yun lang po.. bow..hehe


russ d'great

Friday, November 12, 2010

diagnose a healthy relationship...

i found it so funny when i'm making my life so complicated when i wanted it to be just simple... little things make me happy, like when somebody ask me if i eat already, or when somebody shares an umbrella when it's raining, or when anybody shares their food with me, life's too short to be bitter all the time, sometimes we need to sugar it up, and according to science, sugar is an energy booster, our life needs an energy booster and for some they found it in their partners in life, their husband, their boyfriend, their girlfriend that's why i'm sharing this... take a read you guyz...


If a doctor were to give your relationship the equivalent of a thorough medical exam, what vital signs would he check? What are the symptoms of health and illness when it comes to love?

1. Check your pulse.
It should be steady, but certain things should still make your heart race: the sound of his laugh, his key in the lock, his lips on your neck. (Note to those in new relationships: Expect an elevated heart rate most of the time, even when he’s not in the same room.) A flagging pulse could indicate a.) the need for a long, romantic weekend away; or b.) low blood pressure, in which case you should consume more salt.

2. Take a nice, deep breath.

Now exhale slowly. Good. You should feel relaxed, at home and completely yourself around your partner. If you experience shortness of breath, tension or a peculiar fluttering sensation (and you are not in the flush of first love or planning your wedding, both of which can cause mild anxiety), consult an expert – have a long heart-to-heart with your best friend about whether this connection can sustain you over the long haul.

3. Test your reflexes.

Why does it matter if your knee jerks when it’s tapped? That spontaneous, involuntary response reveals that the body’s inner machinery is working smoothly. By the same token, certain reflexes indicate the same thing about your relationship. When you’re down, do you turn to him? When he rubs your back or holds your hand, do you feel a warm glow? When he tells you abut a big success, do you swell with pride? If he goes out without you, are you happy that he’s enjoying his friends but also concerned for his safety? Yes, in a healthy relationship, you should feel connected to your partner – glad for his happiness, comforted by his support, secure in your bond – but not totally dependent on constant affirmation.

4. Tickle your funny bone.

Scientific research has found that one of the best predictors of long-term relationship health is the ability to laugh together. Really – researchers at the University of Seattle have studied this stuff. You should be chuckling with each other at least once a day- and sitcoms don’t count. If you’re not, you might want to switch off the TV and consider rediscovering what it is about this person that tickled you in the beginning. If you have to, make a list of the things that make you laugh. Playing in the shower? When he does his Johnny Bravo imitation? C’mon, unearth your comedy repertoire.

5. Bend over and touch your toes.

In other words – how flexible are you? The main quality that makes a relationship healthy can be boiled down to one word: Willingness.You have to be willing to change, willing to look at yourself, willing to put aside your needs to take care of the needs of your partner. Basically, it’s the willingness to do whatever it takes. The idea of willingness encompasses commitment and flexibility. If you can bend to suit your partner and he can stretch to accommodate you, then you’re in good shape. And your relationship seems pretty healthy, too.
Currently feeling: blessed, happy

Thursday, November 11, 2010


mixed up ang araw na to, naalala ko tuloy 'yong kanta ng ataris na the song for a mixed tape.. this is the time that i finally realize that i'm not alone, and i also realized na kahit anong gawin ko ay hindi nya ako maiintindihan and i need to leave him alone to fix whatever it is that he wants to fix... spent my whole night crying over nothing.. hindi ako kumain, gutom nako ngayon, wala lang, di ko alam anong gagawin.. i need to lay low, hindi ko alam, i just care too much for a person na i'm so afraid na pag di ko na sya nkakausap eh malilimutan nya ako, and i'm scared that he'll be alone coz he used to tell me that he's tired of life and his life sucks, kung alam lang nya na pati life ko eh sucker din.. di ko na talaga alam pinagsasabi ko.. 

para sayo parekoy, bai, kulot, a.ka. CHiCO.. para sayo ang mga lyrics na ito.. naiintindihan kita, di mo lang alam, goodbye for now.. alam mo kung pano ako mareach out... 

"I know that I've got issues
But you're pretty messed up too
Either way, I found out I'm nothing without you" - my life would suck without you by kelly clarkson

"Stay with me, this is what I need, please?
Sing us a song and we'll sing it back to you
We could sing our own but what would it be without you?" - my heart by paramore

"Let me be the one who never leaves you all alone
I hold my breath and lose the feeling that I'm on my own
Hold me too tight, stay by my side" - smother me by the used

"i've got a tight grip on reality
but i can't let go of what's in front of me here
i know you're leaving in the morning when you wake up
leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream" - the only exception by paramore

"i was born to tell you i love you" - your call by secondhand serenade

"Hands over my head thinking 'what else could go wrong?'
Would've stayed in bed, how can a day be so long?
Never believed that things happen for a reason
But how this turned out, you moved all my doubts, oh believe
That for you I'll do it all over again
Do it all over again" - again by bruno mars

kung ang puso ay para lang laruan na pwede e assemble pag nasira ito na siguro ang ginagawa ko ngayon.. there's too much badshit in this world i know, but in the contrary without suffering, there will be no compassion.. ito naman ang lss ko ngaun share ko lang sa inyon lahat..

"I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph and I know it serves me well
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain
'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away" - broken by seether feat. amy lee (evanescence)

current song: senti by moonstar88
currently feeling: lonely

hanggang dito nalang muna... reassembling atm..

russ 'dgreat

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

f*@ck U! nalang sa mga oa-ish na katulad nyo!!!!!

ganito kasi un...

mabait akong tao, gusto ko nga baguhin lahat ng masasama kong gawain, lahat kinakaibigan ko kahit di ko kilala, lahat pinapakinggan ko kahit di naman nakakatuwa, lahat na yata na pwede kong gawin para sumaya lang ang isang tao ay sinisikap kong gawin.. but wtf, why is somebody sending me private message in my facebook account whining about the f*@king things i'm totally blind about.. kung di ba naman kayo gago, tahimik lang akong tao, i'm trying to understand every person i met, every person i converse with, pero kung ikaw, ni hindi kita kilala????? how about a cup of stfu???? why don't you ask the person next to you???? hindi talaga ako natuwa sa ginawa mo.. if you only knew me.. bago ka man lang sana ng care na magpadala ng mensahe sakin eh tinanong mo muna yang syota, kasintahan, boyfriend o sino man yan kung anong meron kami, hay naku! mahirap makipag-usap sa mga taong makikitid ang utak, kaibigan ko pa naman sanang tinuring di man lang ako naipagtanggol.. hay nakaw! nalang talaga sa inyo.. parang nagsasayang lang ako ng oras sa pagsusulat nito pero at least nalaman nyong unfair kau at di ako natuwa sa ginawa nyo.. ano bang ginawa kong mali????? spare me of your narrow thinking people..

pero ang bottomline, i need to move on, forgive? forget? argg.. kung di lang ako pinanganak na kristyano, hay buhay talaga..

currently feeling: upset

hanggang dito nalang muna,...

russ d'great


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

mahirap mag reassemble ng 4 true loves.... kaboom!

You'll Have 4 True Loves

You are certain and confident when you choose to love someone.
Even though your romantic choices may be unconventional - you stand behind them.
Your friends never know you as well as a romantic partner does.
Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 1
You are most compatible with people born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th of the month.

As i surf the net... I come up with this blog thing... hahaha... nakakatawa talaga yan... Wala lang, natatawa lang ako sa content at loko loko na talaga ako if maniwala pa ako sa nakasulat diyan! ahehehe.... napagkatuwaan ko lang talaga ang blogthings thingy na yan... Heheh... I was never certain and confident in choosing someone I love and my romantic choices are never unconventional... wahahaha.... ako yata ang ngloloko dito eh....hehe... hmm... I will have 4 numbers of true loves daw...hehehe... unfortunately i've experienced one severe broke up pa talaga, i guess not unfortunately but luckily and I don't wanna make the same mistake again so how can it be 4? hahahaha... nobody knows! hehe... and besides I'm helping myself to stand upright on the thought of tlw... as in, true love waits....ahehehe.... hmmmm.... maybe that number of times that I'll get my heart broken is kind of true, coz I was broke and was fallen into the pitfuls of that love once pa lang talaga.... PG for it! as in Praise God for it!hehehe... at sa mga nagbirthdate na may mga dates na 3, 12, 21, at 30.... Naku! baka soulmate tayo! ahehehe.... Goodluck sa ating lahat! hehehe.... Hmmm..... Malayo pa naman birthday next year pa ulet... hehehe... yan eh kung buhay pa ako.... kaya ipagdasal nyo ako ha! hehe...

So pano, hanggang dito nalang....

russ d'great... hehehe....