Thursday, December 10, 2015

COC (Clash of Clans): 21 Signs of Addiction

Nagtataka ka ba bakit 'pag namemention 'yong COC sa news which basically means 'certificate of candidacy" eh "clash of clans" ang naiisip mo agad agad? Well, maybe you're a certified addict or maybe you're just annoyed because of the game's popularity. 

Anyhow, wala kanang magagawa kasi it's the new trend of online gaming right as of this very moment. Just remember that there's a very fine line between "playing games online" and "finding your way out in the middle of something" just to defend your clan faced with war.

Afterwards, anxious kana at di makapag-isip ng maayos when your phone notifies you that "your troops are ready to take into battle" or "your village was raided by attacker_12345". Thankfully hindi ka nag-iisang 'Clash-of-Clan Junkie' dahil since its release last 2012, malamang isa ka lang sa millions of players na adik na adik dito ngayon.

Unless nahihiya ka pang aminin or i-admit sa sarili mo na addict ka nga sa larong ito, here are tell-tale signs that you're a certified Clash of Clans addict.

1. When you're reaching out for your phone to send a text/online message to your friends telling them it's time to "ATTACK".

2. Kapag ang 'Ultimate Kaligayahan' mo ay yung makakita ng 3 stars 'VICTORY' on your phone or tablet screen.

3. Calling someone by their IGNs or clan names as "RPM24" or "DBG24" is totally second nature.

4.   Nagtataka  na mga friends mo bakit di kana  nag-uupdate ng status sa Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

5. Galit na galit ka when you lost your Internet Connection in the middle of a loaded raid. "Sayang ang loots sa dead base..Grrr"

6. Kailangan mong mag-isip ng tama at valid na dahilan bakit ka MIA the moment the war begins at kapag hindi ka talaga naka-attack  the moment the ward ended.

7. You find a deep connection with someone who understands a perfect dragon fury and burning village to ashes. Classic.

8. Takot na takot kang mawala ang gold and elixirs mo. 

9. You find Liam Neeson's Superbowl Ad showing off Clash of Clan's revenge feature so hilarious (“I don’t know you BuffetBoy85 but if you think you can humiliate me and take my gold, think again. Or I am coming for you with lots of barbarians and dragons!”).

10. Moreover, wala ng mas nakakainis pang form of revenge rather than taking all your available loot in a flash. Ganti ganti lang daw.

11. Loosing sleep not because of work or school but because of farming/looting. Alam  nyo na ibig sabihin n'yan mga adik! 

12. Kapag nagsisimula kanang mahumaling sa mga wizards and witches. You loving them all of a sudden is just plain creep. LOL.

13. Kapag nag-level up na ang multi-tasking skills mo. Grabe na!

14. Kapag nag-iisip ka na ng malalim kung manloloot ka ba or i-memaintain mo shield mo for the next 11 hours. It's hard man!

15. You actually set an alarm to when you lose shield or once your builder will be available. 

16. You feel the same level of hate between your cheater-ex and some random player who raided you.

17. Nagseselos ka sa fellow clanmate mo na mas magaling umatake kaysa sayo. Like seriously?

18. You feel a different kind of happiness when it's time to embellish your town hall. hahaha

19. Kahit bawal ang maglaro sa opisina or skwelahan, you can't just put down your phone when no one's looking to attack.

20. You engage in some serious talks about war strategies and winning clan wars with fellow clanmates. (Can't blame them, LOL)

21. Being part of a competent clan now sounds very interesting and overwhelming. (Hey, you're from Pinoy Titans? Awesome Clan!!)

It's very simple, once you downloaded Clash of Clans on your phone, you're now halfway to C-O-C obsession...and these creepy, hilarious, dramatic signs of addiction.

thanks for reading gamers,

russ d'great