Saturday, April 2, 2011

forbidden love..... ito ba ung bawal na pag-ibig? o bawal na flirting?

the feeling of being in love and being love in return is great... ung tipong mahal na mahal mo tapos mahal na mahal ka rin, there are people na meant for each other dahil sabi nga sila ung destiny, iba iba yan eh, merong iba, it's their first time together, pareho silang first time to be in a relationship, and for some the other party is experienced but not committed while it's the other party's first time, and for others they're both experimenting because of the heartaches they experienced from the past, and due to our country's culture which is very conservative, we see people sneaking out just to date because they know people will criticize them because they're both committed but they're trying a new love affair. Well, okay lang naman un, ung tipong kahit pareho kaung committed or shall we say tied up but your past love affairs doesn't haunt u anymore or shall we say even if you're not legally separated but at least alam nyong wala na talaga para peaceful ung new relationship nyo.. ok lang 'yong ganun, walang problema...

but what i really don't understand at the moment is that, bakit ganun ang ugali ng mga lalaki? mahilig lang ba silang mg take advantage or they just wanna help you forget after an infamous break up specially when the girl is involve with the last part of my 1st paragraph...? the scenario is this, nasa isang bar kami kasi birthday ng kaibigan namin, so we gather together, we're all there, then after drinking some beers the conversation goes like this.. short and concise the boy whispered to the girl.
boy : alam mo ba 'girl' crush talaga dati pa... (the girl is having an infamous break up literally for whatever reason i'm keeping it coz it's their right and the boy has a present girlfriend)
the girl just smiled maybe shocked and if she actually liked the guy maybe she's kilig to the bones... of course everybody was teasing them knowing that the boy had a present girlfriend, i also joined them in teasing but we don't expect that something will went wrong.. so when we got to our works, everything was fine, at first the girl was like ilang because of what the boy said, but at the latter part, the girl became kind of aggressive in a way that she was making papansin na, and maybe they're texting but who cares, in some point lang sana alam nila limitations nila kasi for me naman baka is that baka girl nadadala lang kasi weakest point ng life nya this time coz of the break up she had recently that's why she was kind of infatuated with the boy because of the care he's showing towards her and the constant tease as well from us, we can't blame her if she was expecting something, and sana lang ung boy naman alam din nya ang limitations nya na she can't love two people romantically at the same time, coz everybody knows he has a girlfriend, kasi kahit anong gawin nya may masasaktan din sa huli, it can't be a 70:30 love, love can't be divided, love should be whole, coz it would be unfair for the both of them, specially for the girl coz I know the boy loves her girlfriend so much, but I can't take the fact that he actually told me na may feelings din xa sa girl as I said, divided love is not possible, sinong magiging kawawa sa huli? ung girl? ung girlfriend? or baka matauhan ung 2 ung boy ang kawawa kasi siya ang maiiwan mag.isa, hmmm.. buti sana kung ganun... 

and the dilemma is that, feeling nila pinakikialaman buhay nila because of what happened recently in our happy happy moments during out of town, everybody saw it, some didn't care, some overreacted, some didn't know, for the girl's friend of course it's her responsibility to reprimand or 'not tolerate' her and as the boy's friend, i'm not the only one, we already told him about it, tama sila mejo pangingialam nga 'yong ganun, kaya lang kasi kaibigan mo kami, sabi nga nila 'what are friends for diba?' and both of them are denying what happened, they insisted that it's nothing, that the boy was just drunk, okay we understand, okay, need not explain coz we're not your girlfriends but if his girlfriend will have the knowledge of what happened, what do you think? and for the girl, she was 100% sober,alam mo un, nasa tamang pag.iisip walang alcohol ang utak, ang ktawan, she knows exactly what to do but she didn't do it... un lang.. then denial silang dalawa, and now, we decided not to interfere anymore, we decided that whatever it is, di na kami mangigialam, coz we know they wanted something that both of them only knows, but ito lang masasabi ko, don't develop that love in front of me coz i'm gonna blou you up freaks!!! and if you decided to go that way and you don't need any advice and we're not giving any advice anymore it means we're only acquaintances now, no care, walang pakialamanan, sabi nga nila if you win one, u lose one, ok lang sana kung pareho kayong libre, sana lang natuto na kau dun sa mga past experiences nyo.. if you want to win each other then i'm sorry to say that you're gonna lose your friends coz once and for all we already did what we need to do but you keep on saying na nangigialam kami,di pangingialam un, we care un un but i guess you guyz don't need it and you're old enough to decide on the right things, we hope, so stop sneaking out.... sana lang walang kawawa sa bandang huli, sana lang di malaman ng girlfriend ng boy, sana marealized na ng girl na she's expecting nothing, and sana lang boy wag masyadong mayabang at wag mg take advantage... un lang bow..