Thursday, January 20, 2011

these songs are on my playlist...

for the past sixth months, so let's start from august last year, i was hooked up with this text frenzy, i've known him from my school days, but i wasn't captured with what i've seen that time. it was just very amazing that through this very own social network, like facebook so to speak we became connected and to my amusement he was kind of charming in his own way and he was a huge fan of alternative songs, he knows how to play the guitar and there were even times that he sang to me over the phone.. and to my pleasure talking to him and spending text nights with him was worth it and even if he's different now, the songs he sang and recommended to me are still running in my head, it sucks but i'm enjoying the songs anyway so for now i guess i will not yet change my playlist.. as far as i can remember here are the songs...

@i remember that day when my wallet was lost and i went to this bar at taft ave near gil puyat LRT station, that was the very worst day of my life and i was telling him blah blah blah... then when i called him, i didn't got an answer but i got a song, he said it was accidental but the song gave me some relief, he's a person who knows his way in..and i salute him for that.. 

@very very dramatic song, it's like a song for the lonely, but it's a great song, and this was the first song i heard from him that sounded clear.. so cooL..

@this song, he knew that i wanted to hear him sing everytime and one day when he got home he just said that he found some old lyrics somewhere in their house and asked if i wanna hear it and of course i immediately said yes.. this was the song.. cheesy coz i don't like john lloyd but maybe he remembered someone with this song, even if i know he's hurt na naman that time coz he's a kind of person who dwells in his loneliness but i enjoyed the song..

@this song was totally awesome, i fell in love with this song the moment i heard it from him, i become cheesier and cheesier here but i'm telling the truth here and nothing but the truth, though the message of this song was kind of sad but the tunes kind of catchy and it's nice..

@he loves this song, every song he loves, he shared it with me till now but not often anymore, i was hesitant to check this song coz the band name kind of reminded me of someone but nonetheless the song is cool so it worth listening..

@he recommended this song to me, i love this song and as far as i know he also love this song very much, i dunno maybe because of the lyrics, it's kinda sad, it's about betrayal, and finding out that after being together you just realized that you're not meant for each other, it's a sad song but i enjoy the melody, the tune.. it relieves my stress..

@but with all that sad songs above, i mean with all that sad lyrics with the songs above, here's a very sweet song that he liked very much.. please let me be the one who calls you baby all the time..

@and for the closing part, i'm including this song for your satisfaction, this song reminds me of my childhood, back then i just thought this song was very good, very cool but now for me this song is the saddest heartbreak song, why do you love this? please be happy... that's what i'm asking.. you can do better, you can strive for the better..

it's just fun remembering those happy moments rather than being bitter with what's left.. honestly for those people who knows me, this wasn't easy, this wasn't me but i'm trying to get out from my comfort zone for you to realize that somebody cares, even if you think it's only me but at least somebody cares and just by knowing it, isn't life worth living?

thanks for the read you guyz..

russ d'great