Thursday, December 31, 2015

Love plus Dedication

What is the best thing to say after a tough downfall from a romantic relationship? It's the words "I'm ready to love again". Several people might think differently from the way you think but this is more of gathering insights from those who suffer from the misfortunes of a hard break up. 

They say it's tough when you're up on a way thinking that things aren't working anymore but you still want to hold on. Now that's *foolishness*, but you know what's amazing about people when it comes to love? Their hopes are always high and they remain faithful in the belief that loving again isn't that  bad after all.

You may say that most of the relationships are into "the trial and error thingy" but if you haven't yet started a relationship then don't try especially if the only reason is testing its working capacity. It doesn't work that way, remember that it needs discernment and deep realization...

Starting a discussion like this is really tough because people think that love in its own terms is fake nowadays. Break ups and rejections are everywhere and maybe everybody has experienced it already. But hey! you should know that love is the most wonderful thing here on earth. It can hurt you but it's the only sure thing that can make you happy too.

That's why if you don't like your past to haunt you in the future, love unconditionally and love without hesitation. Also, remember that dating/courtship is a way more deeper than that. Yes, you can fix things on your own way, that is if you are already sure in what you have but for those who haven't started yet, think better, think deeper...-------------------------


...and I wanna dedicate this song for someone special, I guess you know who you are... *lol* I didn't say I'm madly in love but I'm very happy that you gave me the chance to get to know you better...

I want you to know that you bring back the joy in my heart and you fill the emptiness inside. You just don't know how happy I am everyday while conversing with you. You brought the sunshine in, turn the dark to day and made my sadness flee away. 

By the time I said I care for you, I really mean it..*smile* my love for you is unconditional because I'm not asking you to love me in return but I know you do because we're friends now and because you tell me even in my dreams. Talking to you is a great relief... Thanks for every gift of smile you pinned in my heart.

"Falling in love is like looking at the stars...when you pick one out of the billions and stare at it long enough... all the others just simply melt away.."

thanks for reading,

russ d'great