Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why God Allows Difficult People In Our Life

A good friend of mine mentioned one time that Bo Sanchez's book entitled 'How to Deal With Difficult People' is on his to-read-list. Because I'm a reader and wanted to personally experience the book, I bought it. 

I fell in love with the book's cover at first, the white mask drawn on the front cover is kind of mysterious and the letters being used in the title are eye-catcher. Plus the reviews are quite interesting too. Luckily I finished reading it and it's a good book, a life-changer. 

The introduction was good but just a hint, action starts at page 35 and best lessons start at book II. However I still want you to read from the beginning. For me, God allows difficult people in my life because He wants to give me the gift of patience. 
This has never been my strong suit. I hate waiting on people, I hate it when people don’t deliver as expected, and I hate it when people don’t use their common sense.  I easily lose my temper with people who just don’t think.  I know this is really something  I have to work on.
But then again, the more I pray for patience, the more God sends me difficult people to practice being patient on! I know He didn't promise that He would just change me at the snap of his fingers. I guess when I stop seeing people as being difficult, then I will know that God has finally given me His gift of patience.
Read the book, it's great. Till next book reading and reviewing.
-russ d'great