Monday, February 14, 2011

the ugly truth about valentines day!!!!

ganito kasi un..
valentines is suppose to be a happy day, with flower deliveries, lunch and dinner dates and all that but today was a disaster, i feel for my officemate who was just told by our branch head that she might not be regularized, what a damn news right for a day like this but who cares, it happened anyways and now my dear friend went home with a gloomy face, parang bumagsak ang malaking globo sa MOA sa kanya, kung meron lang akong pwedeng gawin, i dont wanna see people sad.

on the other hand, i'm happy, kinda, not so, di natuloy date ko ngayon, coz ayaw namin sumabay sa mga taong makikigulo ngayon sa mga restawran, may lavapalooza din ngayon but what the heck, sa wednesday nalang ako lalabas. i wanna share a message made by me to a person who mean so much to me but i guess it's time for the foolishness to stop coz it will never work at all, you can say i'm pathetic for writing this and sending this to him,, yes ok, i'm pathetic if that's what you wanna hear people.. but i can no longer bear this and i wanna liberate myself for God's sake.. 

this is how it goes...
"don't act like you care coz i know u don't , and why did i appreciate you for who you are? if you don't like me then don't bother to communicate with me. i'm sure many girls are after your appreciation so back off. u know me now like what you've said and i bet u don't wanna go far and know me better, i hate u like for real, for real, u never appreciated me. u never did. thanks to you my valentines day is very colorful. i could accept hurtful words from people who don't know me, but U? u said all those? the fact that at one point in our lives we have this mutual understanding, and the fact that the only thing you haven't showed and shared with me is your naked body, the fact that u still see me as a stranger with bad attitude and all that? what a waste. u have lots of friends, you'll be fine, the sad thing is i'm the real loser coz i trusted u and listened to u. i dont wanna talk to you, ever again. i swear to God. bye."

i know i'm really pathetic just by reading my message, isipin nyo  i sent that through a cellphone lang, of course shortcut ung iba and it's about 6 pesos coz it's too long.. see, diba pathetic talaga and apparently i wanna replace tom in that moving stick figure above, after those moments, i became silent the whole day and the grogginess i just can't hide.. but it's all done now and i can say it's over, i have a relationship to nourish and persons to know better.. sooo liberating... and i'm looking forward to something better this wednesday and for the days to come...

^_@ russ d'great