Friday, November 25, 2011

the philippine version of gossip girl-losers, bitters and insecures!

Well, it's definitely different coz as for the popular gossiper in the upper east side Manhattan, this unhealthy habit is compose of i guess to be exact 6 people! too many right? but as they usually say, it's fun to gossip when you're many specially when you share the same interests, hate same persons, eat the same foods and by no means i hope this is not happening... share the same boyfriends? or toothbrush? hahaha.. well those are way off the grid! I can't stop thinking about this that while I am trying my best to rearrange my life to be very simple they're are always ruining my day! Coz for me, I believe that talking about a person specially when it's not good news and she/he is not actually present in the conversation is very unhealthy and they keep doing this inside the office and i find this very annoying! this is what I would like to say! People.... hey! this isn't your high school anymore, and you're not surrounded with dumb and naive homo sapiens, these people (we, including myself) are actually professionals, educated and most of the time hates when you are acting like you're highschoolers, please grow up, at your age now, you should be watching each others back and cleaning each others mess not laughing at other people's topsy-turvy lives, nobody's perfect don't think too high of yourselves... my God! rest your tongues before it bites you instead. I'm suffocated watching you every playing relay the message. Grow up people!!!! Can you not think of something happy to talk about or spend your lousy times appreciating things and people? for the six of you, i have three words for you, LOSERS! BITTERS! INSECURES!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

cheers to my 70th post!

hello everyone!

I know! I know! it's been a heck of a hiatus, it's been so long. I miss writing and I miss blogging. I got tired and so sick that i stopped for almost a year, and now i'm back! So welcome me back guys! I'm waiting... :) so i came back whining and writing again because I read somewhere that we should do what we love most to release stress and fight depression, of course I love to whine on the internet so that's why when I got home, I started thinking that I should go blogging again. I also find out that the symptoms of stress and depression are when you feel pain on your shoulders, neck and somewhere in your hips and OMG! i feel those right at this very moment. So I'm hoping that these will all go away, hopefully, and I'm trying hard to jog every morning but i always feel sleepy and tired and lazy and tired and lazy and tired, I dunno, maybe one day I might just decide to wake up, wear my running shoes, my jogging pants, and shake it off to the streets. Oh God I'm so looking forward for a happy day and everyday blogging starting now! I miss everyone! Mga ka-blogs, see yah around... this time it's for good! :)))