Thursday, November 24, 2011

cheers to my 70th post!

hello everyone!

I know! I know! it's been a heck of a hiatus, it's been so long. I miss writing and I miss blogging. I got tired and so sick that i stopped for almost a year, and now i'm back! So welcome me back guys! I'm waiting... :) so i came back whining and writing again because I read somewhere that we should do what we love most to release stress and fight depression, of course I love to whine on the internet so that's why when I got home, I started thinking that I should go blogging again. I also find out that the symptoms of stress and depression are when you feel pain on your shoulders, neck and somewhere in your hips and OMG! i feel those right at this very moment. So I'm hoping that these will all go away, hopefully, and I'm trying hard to jog every morning but i always feel sleepy and tired and lazy and tired and lazy and tired, I dunno, maybe one day I might just decide to wake up, wear my running shoes, my jogging pants, and shake it off to the streets. Oh God I'm so looking forward for a happy day and everyday blogging starting now! I miss everyone! Mga ka-blogs, see yah around... this time it's for good! :)))

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