Wednesday, November 17, 2010

christmas wishlist....

christmas is coming and we can't deny it, it seems so fast right? back when i was still a child, i'm very enthusiastic writing down my christmas wishes, and believed it would come true and that santa would make it come true, what a childlike thinking and it's just pure, simple and true.. so as i grew up, my wishlist also changes, i don't anymore ask santa to put candies in the socks i put in the windows during christmas eve, or for big lollilops with minty taste, or for barbie dolls.. maybe you'll think i'm stupid if i will probably say that i'm asking now for world peace or for society equalization coz for me it's 99:1, 99% it won't happen and 1%  is just a waste... so i made a list for christmas, i'm not expecting santa to hear me, or to read this but at least i shared this with you..

1.) a one (1) year supply of stocking coz until now it's still  under the proposal of our CBA and i will be rest assured if somebody will be willing to become my sponsor.. hahaha... 

2.) the simpsons t-shirt with my favorite simpsons quote on it.. Homer: "Here’s to alcohol, the cause of — and solution to — all life’s problems."

3.) original everglow album by MAE ( i haven't really bought it until now, i can download but i want the original album cd, hope somebody would give me this on christmas..hehehe.. wishful thinking.. )

4.) a christmas card with dedication, it's been three (3) years since i received a christmas card with a hand written message, it was way back when i was still in 4th year college... *sigh
5.) a GC for a spa treatment... hehehe... wishful thinking again...

6.) an external drive for my netbook.. huhuhu.. super wishful thinking..hahaha

7.) free tickets to any concert this december but spare december 26 onwards...

8.) a one (1) year supply from covergirl cosmetics... hahaha.. ( parang model lang ah.. ok lang naman mangarap, hayaan nyo na ako..)

i want to end at number eight (8) because they say that number is lucky, who knows maybe one of them would be given to me this christmas by  real life santa... hahahaha... this is just for fun so don't think my wishlist is exaggerated, it's free to make a wish, to dream, this is a free country so why not abuse it.. hahaha..

till here pipz..

russ d'great