Saturday, January 22, 2011

OMG na naman...

yesterday we had this talk... ganito 'yon, dapat may session kami ngayon, ang usapan dapat mga 3pm or 4pm andun na, so, ok na ang lahat, napag-usapan na, ok, ok daw, pwede daw ngayon, pupunta daw ngayon, but until now I haven't heard my phone beep or something.. what the heck! they can't screw this up, i'm totally pissed off right now pero ok pa kasi lunchtime pa naman may dalawang (2) oras pang natitira para kontakin nila ako.. tsk. ayokong mgmura kasi pissed off na nga ako magmumura pa... kelangan nila akong kontakin kasi parang tinatamad na din ako dahil sa pg babalewala nila, wag lang talaga silang mgtx na hindi sila pupunta kasi hindi ko talaga sila kakausapan ng mga isang buwan, oops! isang linggo nalang pala... asar ako, i'm stuck to these 4 walls with tv on my front and i'm stuck talking about my disappoints in this page.. what a relief!

ayoko ng ganito kasi napapaisip ako ng sobra sobra, lahat ng flashbacks sa buhay ko naiisip ko which I totally hate, kasalanan nila to sana kung ngparamdam na sila eh busy na ako sa pagpprepare ngayon.. hay.. sarap patayin ng cellphone ko para makaganti naman kahit konti lang.. kaya habang nghihintay, tangina talaga! nag-mumulti tasking ako ngayon, nood tv, wala namang kwenta mga palabas puro rewind, ewan ko ba bakit ganito mga shows sa cable halos lahat rewinded for a week, argg... ngsusulat din ako ngayon obviously at nglalaro ng poker, 

malas pa laging talo pero sa pic na yan panalo kaya yan pinost ko xmpre..haha.., ewan ko ba wala akong mgawa ngayon... kaya please lang sana tumunog na cellphone ko.. oops! nakasilent pala xa. hay... at habang sinusulat ko ito alam yata nila na asar na ako kaya at exactly 1pm narecib ko na din ang tx ni thal at ni aneng buti nalang kasi balak ko na sanang mgwelga at mgpatay ng cp.. pano yan, kelangan ko ng bumangon.. at simulan ang araw ko.. long way to go pipz... 

*haaaaayyyy.... i'm back para lang e-edit ang post na to... grrr.. sabi na nga ba may feeling talaga akong di kami matutuloy, ok na si thal tsaka si aneng tapos may humabol pa ng tx na blah blah blah.... hay.. arg.. asar nko nawalan nako ng gana tanginga talaga.. lalashengin ko nalang sarili ko.. salamat sa inyo at naasar ako.. hay... 

*what the fuck this the busiest post i ever had.. nakakainis, kung hindi lang dahil kay aneng na may lakad ngaun pero kinansel nya para lang sa session namin di na talaga sana ako babangon... grrr.... siguro mawawala din sa ligo to.. gudluck saming lahat.. sana sumaya kami.. tsk.. suuuccckkeeerrrr.....

russ d'great

10 common language errors.. english by the way...

Because English is such a complex language, it is fraught with traps that we all frequently fall into. With this list I hope to clear up at least a few of the confusing words we use every day. This is a list of some of the more common errors people make with English.

1. Practice / Practise
In US English, practice is used as either a verb (doing word), or noun (naming word). Hence, a doctor has a practice, and a person practices the violin. In UK english, practice is a noun, and practise is a verb. A doctor has a practice, but his daughter practises the piano.

2. Bought / Brought
Bought relates to buying something. Brought relates to bringing something. For example, I bought a bottle of wine which had been brought over from France. The easy way to remember which is which is that bring start with ‘br’ and brought also does. Buy and bought start with ‘b’ only. This is one of those difficult ones that a spelling checker won’t catch.

3. Your / You’re
Your means “belonging to you”. You’re means “you are”. The simplest way to work out the correct one to use is to read out your sentence. For example, if you say “you’re jeans look nice” expand the apostrophe. The expanded sentence would read “you are jeans look nice” – obviously nonsensical. Remember, in English, the apostrophe often denotes an abbreviation.

4. Its / It’s
As in the case above, the apostrophe denotes an abbreviation: it’s = it is. Its means “belongs to it”. The confusion arises here because we also use an apostrophe in English to denote possession – except in this case; if you want to say “the cat’s bag” you say “its bag” not “it’s bag”. “It’s” always means “it is” or “it has”. “It’s a hot day.” “it’s been fun seeing you.”

5. Two / To / Too
With a ‘w’ it means the number 2. With one ‘o’ it refers to direction: ‘to France’. With two ‘o’s it means “also” or refers to quantity – for example: “There is too much money”. A good way to remember this one is that too has two ‘o’s – ie, it has more ‘o’s than ‘to’ – therefore it refers to quantity.

6. Desert / Dessert
This is a confusing one because in English an ‘s’ on its own is frequently pronounced like a ‘z’ and two ‘s’s are usually pronounced as a n ‘s’ (for example: prise, prissy). In this case, desert follow the rule – it means a large stretch of sand. However, dessert is pronounced “dez-urt” with the emphasis on the second syllable – ie, something we eat as part of our meal. To make matters worse, when a person leaves the army without permission, it is spelt desert. So, let’s sum up:
desert (pronounced dez’-it): dry land
desert (pronounced dez-urt’): abandon
dessert (pronounced dez-urt’): yum yum! – remember, two ‘s’s because you want second helpings!
Oh – one more thing – another very common mistake is using the word dessert (two ‘s’s) to mean pudding – pudding is a sweet course, often consisting of some kind of cake or icecream. Dessert is fruit or cheese – normally taken after the pudding course.

7. Dryer / Drier
If your clothes are wet, put them in a clothes dryer. That will make them drier. A hair dryer also makes hair drier.

8. Chose / Choose
This is actually quite an easy one to remember – in English we generally pronounce ‘oo’ as it is written – such as “moo”. The same rule applies here: choose is pronounced as it is written (with a ‘z’ sound for the ‘s’) – and chose is said like “nose”. Therefore, if you had to choose to visit Timbuktu, chances are you chose to fly there. Chose is the past tense, choose is the present tense.

9. Lose / Loose
This one is confusing. In this case, contrary to normal rules of English, the single ‘s’ in loose is pronounced like an ‘s’ – as in wearing trousers that are too loose. Lose on the other hand, relates to loss – for example: “I hope we don’t lose this game”. A good way to remember this is that in the word “lose” you have lost the second ‘o’ from loose. If you can’t remember a rule that simple, you are a loser!

10. Literally
This one is not only often used in error, it is incredibly annoying when it is used in the wrong way. Literally means “it really happened” – therefore, unless you live on a parallel universe with different rules of physics, you can not say “he literally flew out the door”. Saying someone “flew out the door” is speaking figuratively – you could say “he figuratively flew out the door” but figuratively is generally implied when you describe something impossible. Literally can only be used in the case of facts – for example: he literally exploded after swallowing the grenade. If he did, indeed, swallow the grenade and explode – that last sentence is perfectly correct. It would not be correct to say “she annoyed him and he literally exploded” unless she is Wonder Woman and her anger can cause people to blow up.

Bonus 1: I could care less
I have to add this one as a bonus because it is one I especially hate. When you say “I could care less” you are saying “I care a little so I could care less”. Most people when using this horrific sentence mean to say “I couldn’t care less” which means “I care so little I could not care less”.

Bonus 2: Ironic
Isn’t it ironic? Actually, no, most of the time it is not. Irony, in its true form, is when you state something to a person who does not understand what you truly mean, but another person does. Essentially, it makes the hearer the brunt of the joke without their being aware of it. This is called dramatic or tragic irony because it originated on the stage where the audience knew what was happening but the victim on stage did not. The most sustained example of dramatic irony is undoubtedly Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, in which Oedipus searches to find the murderer of the former king of Thebes, only to discover that it is himself, a fact the audience has known all along.

Another form of irony is Socratic irony, in which the person pretends to be ignorant of a subject in order to truly show the ignorance of the person with whom he is arguing.

Unfortunately, poor Alanis Morissette had no clue when she said “it’s a free ride when you’ve already paid” or “it’s like rain on your wedding day”. This is not irony – it is misfortune or coincidence.
To sum it up, basically Irony is a figure of speech in which what is stated is not what is meant. Sarcasm can be a type of Irony.

russ'd great, 

true love waits...

I don't believe in destiny, I believe in God's will. Why? Because for me it doesn't mean that when you're compatible with each other, you're meant for each other, you're meant to be together. Perhaps, you may start asking yourself about romantic relationships and you wonder if it is really true love. We heard so many breakups already, with all the various stories, distressing call-offs and crying moments. Sound so absurd, but for me I believe it is just normal.

Heart’s are breakable. Expect that it will be like a broken glass that you will be having a very hard time mending every broken pieces. Geez... whatever it is when it comes to heart matters, it is definitely incomparable.When it comes to that, everything will be so peculiar.I remember about Joshua Harris' statement in the book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" which really strikes me a lot. "Why shop, if you will never buy?" Yes exactly try to think about it, we dont'buy a dress and don't wear it, or we don't buy a cell phone and not use it, right? Same asstrue as "What's the purpose of entering into a relationship when you're not yet ready to get married?" Though I;m not talking about getting married here or the so - called "going steady"I'm referring to the romantic relationship which many of the young people engage nowadays.And I'm not excluded to that, of course as young as I am I also would want to experience the giggling sensation and the cloud nine moments. Well, what can I say, curiosity is all part of growing up.

I've been in an eight-month relationship before, I started dating at the age of 18 and at that age ,it is quite surprising for a young girl who enter into a serious relationship already. I really thought it was already true love but I was completely wrong. It was then I realized that I was just caught up into the game of love. So bad I lost it. I felt like a moron and stupid that time.Then I started asking myself what's with the pain? It was all part of life's journey, a very unforgettable experience that made me a better person. But now, every time I thought about it, i just laugh at it.When it comes to dating relationship it is really interesting and captivating. We just need to wait, it's cliche but "patience is a virtue."

Patience... Quite broad right? But let me give you an illustration. All of us long to give ourselves completely to someone who will love us for who we are. But are we really sure if that person will really be the person that we will going to face during our "I DO’s"? I will be very hypocrite if I say yes, perhaps a lot of us right now are very much eager to have a relationship right now and wished that he or she might be the perfect one. We are used of the pattern of the dating relationship, the so called "trial and error" or the common one "collect and select", what a waste of time isn't it? We might miss God's perfect love story and missed the one He has prepared for us, or we might regret it one day.

WE MUST WAIT. Though somehow easier said that done right? I once ask, myself why should I wait when I know that the feeling is right? I may have a point there but feelings and commitment is different. I'm not going to marry a person whom I only have feelings with or I want to marry that person because we are compatible with each other and we've been together for a very long time. What are the bases? Love cannot be measured on the compatibility of each party or the years they've been through. Love is patient, love is always willing to wait.

When? When? When? right time is God's perfect time, because in His time, everything is beautiful, everything is perfect and beyond compare. 

When? It is when we are ready to face certain responsibility, because true love is not all about giggles and cloud nine and true love is not all about holding hands and hugs,but it is all about patience, selflessness and commitment. WAITING TIME is NEVER WASTED TIME,because when you wait, God will really bring him or her in your dream wedding and say "here is the one I have created just for you..." But it can only happen if you wait and pray, because as God's promise if you will delight yourself to Him, He will give you the desires of your heart, and God never promise and can't keept it. If two people are meant to be together despite distance and time, TRUE LOVE WAITS forever by God's will...

Forgive me for some grammatical errors . If you have noticed one just inform me coz it’s kinda late now and i’m so sleepy already.. hehe.. thanks for the read...

Russ d’great