Saturday, November 13, 2010

10 blank things...

somebody sent me a message asking me to write about 10 blank things, maybe he just want to know the silly things i do or did, or the silly things i have in mind or the silly things i've wanted to do and discover and i come up with this things which are very unconventional and this would take you with what i'm up to 5 years ago.. here we go..
10 blank things..wahahah..

1. Dahil sa pagkabaliw ko sa i-witness at reporter's notebook ay nakakatulugan ko ang paghihintay sa mga shows na ito, (sa sofa ng bahay ako nakakatulog talaga..ahehe) this was way back when i was still in college.. hahahaha

2. i don't usually remember my dreams even if mala fantasy ang mga ito..hehe

3. kaya kong magtx while blogging and absorbing some ideas..haha.. i love multi-tasking..

4. i love movies but i'm not watching horror films coz it sucked me.. wahaha......

5. i lock my room when i want to cry outloud to God on my own style whatever it is secret nalang yon..hahaha

6. i laugh over text messages on my own until someone would say "hey! are you crazy?" well, i'm not.. gosh!

7.Believe it or not, i've seen the movies "a walk to remember" for about 25 times.. embarrassing? yeah but that's true and i dunno why until now i'm still watching it.. ahahaha

8. I wanna eat ice cream under the rain with someone special...

9. tumatambay ako sa Audio Visual Room ng skul namin nung college  para manood sa isang restricted room ng GOKUSEN at kung anu - ano pang anime sa hapon..hehe.. that's me..

10. dahil sobrang kalasingan ko, nalaman tuloy ng mga kasama ko that i love superman pero di ko alam kasi ang totoo nyan si batman talaga fave ko ( that was the worst thing i've ever done in my entire life in front of what we call audience coz there were like 6 people? but t'was ok and i'm moving forward..hehehe)

yun lang po.. bow..hehe


russ d'great


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russ said...

hahaha... buing oh nakauna jud ug koment.. thanks zl..

Anonymous said...

aawwwww! kala ko mag emot ka nanaman..heheheh

russ said...

kapoy na sige emote marry oi..hehe :)

Ann said...

wow ang gnda dito...mag visit ko time to time ha,,,its me Anna Lou ;)

russ said...

thanks ann.. hehe.. visit here always.. subscribe to my feeds..hehe..