Thursday, November 18, 2010

when laziness strikes..

just arrived from a pizza treat, i'm so full but yet i'm soo tired because of the damn traffic, from makati i rode a jeep going to robinsons' ermita.. hay.. tiring trip, i feel dizzy inside the jeep, it stops, it goes, soo irritating but i can do nothing about it, that's why until now i'm still dizzy, i just really drop here to share something... right now, i'm watching criminal minds, it's thursday..yahooo! and i'm having fun reading Q&A's at formspring.. here are my ka formspringers.. just click to follow.. haha.. i'm really tired, i'm thinking of sleeping early... hahahhaha..

russ - - syempre wag nyo kong kalimutan..hehehe..

they're the three (3) most active sumagot at magtanong... hahaha.. nakakaaliw lang.. hay.. sa buhay na ganito kelangan ko talaga mag loosen up minsan para di ako mapagod ng ganito.. di ko alam i'm soo fuckin' tired talaga ngayon.. i need a spa treatment...waaaaaahhhh.... hanggang dito nalang muna siguro... hehe.. 

magbasa ng magbasa,

russ d'great


russ said...

hehe.. tired talaga ako :(

Anonymous said...

may formspring din ako russ. Add me na lang. Hehe. Aliw mag formspring ask anything. LOL

russ said...

ok ok..hehe.. thanks for your info..hehe