Friday, February 4, 2011

what to do with your lips...

An excerpt from BOY MEETS GIRL, Say Hello To Courtship...

Only few days after I bought my cell phone, the calls started pouring in. Unfortunately, they weren't for me. It turned out that my phone number had previously belonged to a Domino Pizza Shop. Now at all hours of the day and night people were ringing me with their orders.

"I'm sorry," I'd say, "but this isn't Dominos Pizza. Yes, you dialed the right number. It's just that now it's the number of my cell phone. No, I'm afraid I don't have Domino's new number. Yes. I'm sure they'll honor you two-for-one coupon. Bye."

Most people understood. What I found hilarious were the callers who refused take no for an answer.
"I'd like to order a large cheese pizza," a lady told me.
"I'm sorry, ma'am, this isn't Domino's," I said. "You've reached my personal cell phone."
"How much will it cost?" she asked.
"I have no idea, this is not..."
"Well, When can you deliver it?" she persisted.
"I can't bring you a pizza."
"You don't deliver?!"
"I don't make pizza!"

---------More than just talking------------

Communication. It's not such a simple thing, is it? Besides the complications created by our sinful tendencies and the differences between men and women, we have to deal with wrong phone numbers!

Even the best relationships have their "cheese pizza" moments. These are the times when instead of talking to each other, we talk past each other; time when we're so easily offended of the real issue; moments when we're so focused on ourselves that we forget that hearing isn't they know how to talk.
A lot of people assume that since they know how to talk, they must know how to communicate. If only it were that easy. Like what happened to the conversation above, they really weren't communicating. Why weren't they? Because communication is more than just speaking; it's listening. And it's more that just listening; it's understanding and properly responding to what we've heard. Clear communication occurs when two people know not only what to say, but when and how to say it.

Many couples assume that since they talk a lot and have romantic feelings for each other, they're communicating well. That isn't necessarily true. It's possible to exchange thousands of words with people and never learn what they believe or value or feel. It's possible to fall in love with what you imagine someone is like, yet never see him or her for who they really are.

Maybe the title made you think that it's going to discuss the proper timing and technique for locking lips with your sweetheart. Sorry - you won't find that here. The most important thing your lips can do right now isn't kissing, it's communicating.

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