Sunday, November 7, 2010

saturday night..

saturday night was a blast, mingled with my batch mates again, we sang happy happy and drank till we dropped.. 

it's a nice feeling after five (5) days of work, it's super cool to unwind.. as they say vacations doesn't taste sweet if you have it everyday.. vacations, night outs, parties are the best after long hours, days of work.

honestly my mind doesn't work much right now, i enjoyed the videoke, i enjoyed the foods, i enjoyed the alcohol, i enjoyed the laughter, i enjoyed the silly things done, got a hangover yes, but still enjoyed the NBA game, Heat (win) vs. Nets and of course much enjoyed the overtime play of Spurs (win) vs. Rockets.. hahaha.. hope you understand my writing sorry for the grogginess.. peace out!


russ d'great

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