Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Happy Ending

People always ask me why I like romantic comedies so much. Its because even under extraordinary circumstances, the right two people can end up together. – Mindy Kaling
I know it’s cliche. I know it is. But I really love romantic comedies. I like the cheesiness that usually comes with them, the campy flavor, the impossible win at the end for our favorite hero or heroine, and of course, the meet cute.
There are weekends when I’ll just decide instead of going out, I’m going to lay on my sofa and just partake in the wonderment of these stories. I laugh with them, I cry with them, heck – I even try to will the main characters into not making that big mistake I know will make their journey to happiness longer (but of course it wouldn’t be a movie without it).
Let’s think about some of the more famous ones that have come out: in those, you’ve had people end up together despite living in a different country, despite a love-hate relationship at work, despite the fact that the woman was engaged to someone else (who of course, she didn’t truly love), despite onset Alzheimer’s, despite an initial betrayal, despite the fact that they didn’t like each other when they first met, and despite the fact that they thought they were just friends. Talk about extraordinary circumstances, right?!
But the beautiful thing about romantic comedies is that while they let those circumstances play out (kind of how they do in our own lives), you still know that THOSE two people are going to be together before the credits roll. You get to smile at the end and bask in things working out for someone (even if it’s a fictional someone) and also imagine your own happy ending.
I guess what I’m saying is that I finally realized one of the biggest reasons I love romantic comedies is because they give me hope. They remind me to keep believing in happy endings, that despite how things look and despite whatever “extraordinary” circumstances I may encounter, whoever I’m supposed to end up with will still be there.

Perfect love, wrong timing, right reason, wrong ways, if you give everything for someone you love, it's always a happy ending and I think I just found my soulmate. ---MHBTR


Anonymous said...

Six months ago she came into my life, and now I realize that I never want to let her go.

I love everything about her.

kimberly anne said...

It's a comfort to know that other real people love like I do. That they feel like I do, that they hurt like I do, that they miss someone like I do. To know that I am not the only one wishing for someone to come back. I just hope someday we can all get what we want the most and have a happy ending.

mck said...

making you happy is the best feeling in the entire world. i don't feel forced into being romantic with you; i want to be. because of how much i love you.

my everything<3

Abaddon said...

People saw it. I saw it. You saw it. Our love was showing. I loved you & I still do. Wishing you were here, my happy ending.