Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 things i hate about you!

These are the two scenes from the movie i watched last night,  it’s called 10 things about you, and heath ledger was super cute in this movie although we all know that he died from overdose last 2009 but i still enjoyed the movie knowing that he’s kinda dead already..haha.. and julia stiles acting was just her style really. I just downloaded this movie the other day and it was satisfying because i’ve been planning to download this movie eversince. The last of the movie where kat made a poem as their assignment on their shakespeare class is just amazing, it made me cry coz i remembered something.. haha... funny though the second part of the movie which i love the most was the part where heath ledger sang and dance ‘can’t take my eyes of you’ it was just really sweet.. hahaha....

so enough of this post valentine scenes.. hahaah... so sweet though... sayang si heath ledger :(

and so about my day, it was kinda good, lagi naman kaming masaya ni rj, sinamahan si thal magyosi, nakinig sa mga kwento ni dona then helped tin save her ass again.. hay buhay talaga, pa ulit ulit nalang, tapos pinaka-ayaw ko pa naman 'yong maging cynosure ako sa meeting, 'yong tipong ikaw na 'yong topic dahil sa mga kalokohan mo, as in kasi ng meeting kami ngayon, bigla ba namang nabaling 'yong topic sakin, tama ba 'yon? buti nalang sobrang galing kong mg divert ng topic, pero honestly di ko talaga gusto 'yong ganun, i can ride on the jokes and everything but don't make me the cynosure of your damn meetings coz i'm know what i'm doing, and hello kung gusto ninyo ng pa good shot ok fine i can do it, but i'm not doing it coz i'm a hypocrite i'm doing it coz i'm driven and i want to make things right.. sobrang asar lang... mahirap talaga maging

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