Sunday, January 23, 2011


How come they've conquered the international market?

Korean artists (tv, movie and music), for me are really great trendsetters and they probably have worked hard just to spread the what so called korean wave. How can I forget the time when they conquer the Philippines's small screen through their well-loved korean novelas, I cannot forget the very first korean novela that captured my attention it was first installment of the endless love collection, I then had become a very big fan of Song Hye Kyo, who could forgot that beautiful face, that series didn't become interesting because the cast have really beautiful faces but the story catches the attention of many, it was a story that is very Filipino-like. It talks about falling in love and the sacrifices of love. That was the first time I fell in love with Korean dramas.

Afterwards, the second installment of endless love collection, Winter Sonata which starred Choi Ji Woo and Bae Yong Joon, this drama is also wonderful to watch. They captured the hearts of many Filipinos, and the two main character's acting was not that bad at all. It seems to me that Korean drama was really getting popular in our country. I admit, that time I am excited to watch Koreans in the small screen more than Filipinos.

Here comes the drama that really made me cry from beginning to end. This was the drama that Kwong Sang Woo became a very familiar name in the Philippines, and how can I miss this when this is the very first role that introduced my favorite korean actress in the business, I'm talking about Kim Tae Hee, she was noticed by viewers in this drama because of her villain role. The beautiful Kim Tae Hee made her role so effective that she had two other dramas then that was aired here, Forbidden Love whom she starred opposite Adrian Lee and Love Story in Harvard which she starred opposite Kim Rae Won. During that time the Korean drama fever intensified even more.



Those are one of my many favorite korean dramas and to top it all, how can I miss the most-watched of them all I believe, It was through this dramas that korean wave really spread internationally, I'm talking about Daejanggeum or Jewel in the Palace here, which starred Lee Young Ae and Full House, which starred the international singer Rain together with Song Hye Kyo, two different dramas. Daejanggeum is more of korean history in cooking and medicine, while Full House is a modern dramedy. Through Daejanggeum Lee Young Ae's fanbase reaches to different Asian Countries and received many commendations, awards and good critics in this drama, it is also through this drama that she was invited in the 2006 Berlin Film Festival as one of the Juries, amazing isn't it. Meanwhile, Full House was the very first korean drama that reaches 60% of the rating on it final episode. It was because of this two popular k-drama that our very own Jessica Soho here in the Philippines went to Singapore to ask for a short interview with Lee Young Ae during her LG press conference, and she also did went to Korea, to the place where Full House was filmed to interview the main cast, Rain and Song Hye Kyo.


I've been a witness on how korean wave dominated us for the past few years, and here comes another domination the k-pop or also known as korean pop, these are songs that are korean made but clicked the here in the Philippines and all over Asia and even the U.S. When you conquer it's way cool but when you conquer the U.S. it's way too cooler, and k-pop had done it, recently the girl group who sing the very popular song Nobody was chosen by the Jonas Brothers to open for their concert in the U.S. and in Europe. Eventually an english version of the song was created so others could go along with the cool and upbeat melody. I can say that it's a success to be chosen by a highly profiled boy band in the U.S. to open for their tour, so Kudos to them.

They really captured many of the Filipino's hearts, no wonder when Sandara Park joined the reality TV search Star Circle Quest, she captured the hearts of many and won, but unfortunately her career here did not rise that high, but her name is very popular now in Korea because she's cast to be one of the member of the new girl group called 2NE1 and since their debut in May 2009, they've been the talk of the town, and their songs reached number 1 in the korean charts. So way to go girls.

Rain, I know, I'm not talking about the season. I'm talking about the popstar which captured the hearts of Asia as well as the world. He was even noticed by the foxy lady Megan Fox for his sexiness. Indeed Rain had been a through for his career and he deserves everything he enjoyed right now. I mean I really don't know him personally but I can tell that he really worked hard, he's done hollywood movies and he's on his half way to promoting his upcoming movie the Ninja Assasin and everybody around the world really love him so that's it. He's my favorite.

Needless to that korean's showbusiness is really a serious business for them, I just envied their determination and struggle to reach out to the international market. I hope that Filipinos will do the same too. I'm really amazed of what they've got to offer for now, for me it's not crap it's crazy because I believe nobody see this coming. So, if they can do it, then why can't we?

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