Friday, November 5, 2010

beauty from pain...

i love stargazing, that's my pastime, my favorite pastime actually not until i've been living in the city, where you cant even see a single star at night due to pollution, people usually asks me why do i love it as my pastime, the answer is very simple, it somehow eases the pain i feel at the time, it somehow amuses me, it somehow gives me hope when everything else fails. 

when i was still a child, i will always wish upon a shooting star, and actually i'm still doing it until now, the difference is that when i was still a child, the faith is genuine that my wish would really come true but when i became bigger and bigger i came to realize that it's just wishful thinking but then i ask myself why i'm still wishing upon a shooting star until now, it's because i wanna hope.. i wanna believe that everything will be ok...

these past few days, i've heard a lot of problems, a lot of heartaches actually and i just wanna sweep them all away especially if you know the pain the other person is experiencing, is feeling, if you're in my shoes you would probably wanna see a shooting star to throw your wishes for those people whom you wanna help.. 

russ d'great

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